Healthy Lifestyle Network, Inc.

                                        Caring for self is key for good health  


Healthy Lifestyle Network, Inc. (HLN) was founded in 2000 by Lorna Shelton Beck, a registered dietitian.  The main purpose of HLN is to teach residents across various communities healthier ways to prepare foods and to make healthier food choices every day, especially during holidays, to prevent weight gain.  In 2002, the organization was incorporated in the state of South Carolina and later gained 501(c)3 non-profit status.  Healthy Lifestyle Network, Inc. is managed by a Board of Directors and in Jamaica is managed by an Advisory Board. 

Healthy Lifestyle Network, Inc. offers programs and services.  Our services include Diabetes Management and Nutrition Education for weight loss, self-management of chronic diseases or health and wellness.  Services are provided by Lorna Shelton Beck, RD, MS, MNS, CDE.

The programs offered are as follows:  Youth and Adult Healthy Lifestyle Jamboree, Community Health Day Conference and Exposition, and the Shelton Project.

Community Health Day Conference & Expo is held on the 1st or 2nd Saturday in November each year.  It is designed to educate and empower people to take charge of their health.  It is devoted to helping people with diabetes and those at risk for type 2 diabetes.  This program has been offered to the public since 2001.

Dr. Deanna Cheek, MD, a notable nephrologist (kidney specialist) was the speaker at the 11th Annual Community Health Day Conference and Expo.

Youth and Adult Healthy Lifestyle Jamboree is a day devoted to teaching physical activities and nutrition to adults and children.  The day starts with a 5K Run/Walk followed by nutrition workshops, cooking demonstrations, and various physical activity sessions such as yoga, zumba, African dance, basketball, and football, to name a few.




We invite locals to join us. 

-- Activities for the Children                     

-- Activities for the Women and Teens   

-- Activities for the Town                       

Football (Soccer),  

Reading, Planting, Sewing, Crafts, Life Skills Beach Clean-up, 5K Run/Walk Conference for Boys and Girls. 

Fight to end child sexual abuse and human trafficking. 

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Join us in Jamaica in November for the

              Stand Up for Children Weekend - 

Royalty Sparkle Shine Girls Conference

Health and Awareness Fair

Darkness to Light Training 

Portland 5K Run/Walk 

Raising Kings Boys Conference