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Our Programs

Our main outreach programs, The Shelton Project and LifeChance Program, are governed by the seven core pillars used to supply life skills to children, teens, and women.

The Shelton Project 

The Shelton Project is our program outreach designed to impact the community of Port Antonio, Jamaica. It started as a medical mission in 2002, during which, HLN took medical volunteers and provided free healthcare, medications, diabetes and cardiovascular screenings, glucometers and blood pressure machines to adults.  Over the course of the years since then, the program has made tremendous impact in the following areas below: 

Environment- Teaching environmental stewardship of the land, planting, recycling, conserving energy and in general tips on going green.  Our program teaches children how to plant and maintain trees, vegetables and flowers.  The town of Port Antonio is also very close to the ocean, as such, we educate and make available volunteer opportunities to protect the ocean and conserve/preserve the marine lifeforms in its ecosystem.

Nutrition- The children and adults learn healthy food choices and learn to eat from the land by eating the vegetables they plant.

Reading-Schools in the community are provided books to create a library to encourage the children to read.  These books are available to the children to read before and after school, and during school according to the rules of the classroom.

Physical Activity/Entrepreneurship- Every summer HLN hosts what is known as Shelton Project Camp. During this one week camp, children engage in the sport of soccer otherwise know as football in Jamaica.  They also engage in art and craft program primarily made from recycled items finish off the week students participate in a performing arts show displaying their various talents.  Adults have an opportunity to learn and participate in the camp also. The adult section of the camp focuses on entrepreneurship skills and learning live skills that can be used as a way to make income, for example Attending a class on making quilts/blankets. 

Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking-Stand Up for Children Conference

Annual Events and Programs


  • Tea Party, SC

  • Stand up for Children Conference, JA

  • Child Sexual Prevention Month   Awareness
  • Earth Day Promotion

  • Youth & Adult Jamboree, SC

  • World Oceans Day Promotion
  • Charleston Carifest, SC
  • Shelton Project Camp, JA
  • World Day Against Human Trafficking
  • Jerk and Wine Festival, SC

  • Community Health Day, SC
  • World Day for prevention of child abuse
LifeChance Program

The LifeChance Program is currently teaching health and wellbeing and promoting cultural awareness and the arts to the people Charleston, South Carolina. The two main events held each year for these efforts are the Charleston Carifest and the Youth and Adult Healthy Lifestyle Network Jamboree. The Charleston Carifest program is designed to foster a community of diversity and the embracing of others from different cultural backgrounds. While the  Youth and Adult Healthy Lifestyle Network Jamboree focuses on nutrition education.